Understanding Omnichannel Retailing

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The beauty of Omnichannel retailing is that it makes life easy for consumers, and therefore removes barriers that might otherwise put them off making a purchase. Here are some of the ways an Omnichannel strategy can improve the customer experience.

Click and Collect: This is Omnichannel retailing in its purest form. It allows consumers to search for a store that has their desired product in stock, complete the purchase online, then pick up the product from the store from a sales assistant who is expecting them and has their order ready. Reward Cards: Many loyalty schemes allow you to earn and spend points both in-store and online, or even allow customers to earn points for shopping at multiple companies all owned by the same parent company. 

Real-time Information: To give consumers the best shopping experience available, it’s important to offer up-to-date information. Click and collect would be useless if consumers were told that they could collect an item that was out of stock at their nearest store.

Omnichannel Marketing: Many brands collect information about consumer habits both on-and-offline, and use that to provide relevant special offers and discounts, both via direct mail and email. By collating all this information from one Omnichannel system, retailers get a better understanding of their best customers to help guide their business decisions.

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